Saturday, March 31, 2012

Next MacMeetup on Friday the 13th (April 2012): 7.00pm at HV

The next meetup sees the return of veteran Laurence Gwee, so is cause for special celebration with John Larkin in attendance.

We return to our usual haunt for makan at Holland Village Block 40 for dinner (ordering done by experts Alvin or Puay Ann) before we retire to Starbucks for coffee, right next to the Circle Line MRT. That one doesn’t close on weekends so we won’t get thrown out at midnight!

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You can let me know on twitter if you can make it.

We had a great time at the last session, dubbed the legacy meetup on the significant date of 15 Feb 2012:

mac Meetup 15 Feb 2012

My iBook 12.1" 600 working at the legacy meetup on 15 February 2012

Earlier in January, we held the first meetup this year when John Larkin was in town.

John Larkin had to leave early that night to prepare for a parent-student session at NYGH the next morning. He was under pressure to clearly demonstrate to parents why the iPad was a tool that would bring excitement to education and also provided enhancements to learning and exploration. Perhaps stirred by the legacy talk at the table, I suggested the Singapore Memory Project as an output destination and I hope some output gets directed there as it’s an obvious medium these days.

Well, John went back and worked on a great session that showcased a bunch of tools and got parents engaged. Kenneth Pinto, who was at e-Fiesta 2012 said he heard a reference to that session by John during the practical and passionate delivery of Seah-Tay Hui Yong, Vice Principal, Nanyang Girls' High School who also delivered the keynote address.

Below she talks to fellow-practioners about how they were looking for a teacher's aid for EACH student and the iPad2 was the solution. She mentions John's session in context of increasing parent's understanding and thus support for the programme once they see the device in action to transform learning.

She delivers a great session in a pleasantly down to earth style which highlights the fact their primary objective of providing a tool to enhance learning and make it fun, which turned out to be the iPad2. If you're an educator intending to do likewise, you are invited to tap on their experience just as they did the advise of others on their journey to implement this use.