Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Mac Meetup with John Larkin, Fri 15 Apr 2011: 7.00pm @ HV

It's been over half a year since our last MacLarkin meetup with John who drops in to town every now and then. I'm especially looking forward to this one as we have a lot to catch up.

And yes, some of us will bring our macs to tinker with and exchange notes about apps and devices. It is a mac meetup afterall.

Laurence is Down Under still, so he sits this one out.
We'll makan at the Block 40 coffee shop in Holland Drive and
then we'll stroll over to Holland Village Starbucks at 8.30pm thereabouts.

It's being held in the west again, since the regular are all staying or working here. We'll venture out in future meetups and we'll figure out where at this one.

These days, arrangements get sorted out pretty quickly first in the twitterverse:

John Larkin meetup



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