Thursday, September 18, 2008

List closure - me@n it is!

I am closing the mac-meetup singapore list and am suggesting to subscribers that they sign up with mean instead.

This meetup list as setup in Jul 2005 after the peak of our meetups. suddenly decided to impose un-scaled charges which were silly so I had to get out and resorted to this blog and a mailing list.

Since there were many other groups involved, I decided to setup a macmeetup-singapore list which was independent of me@n so they did not need to feel like they were crashing a private party.

Well that was three years ago and the list is made up almost entirely of me@ners, as are the ones who physically show up for meetups.

So I'm simplifying my administrative demands, by closing the list. The non-me@n members can either grab the RSS feed of this blog or shift over to me@n.

All are welcome!



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