Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Thanks for the night out! (17 Jul 2007)

Thanks for the company and conversation, everyone, it was lovely!

Roll call (apologies to Loose Brick) - Airani, Ann, Mook Sum, Laurence, Kevin, Ashwin, Hazman, Ivan, Julian, Jermaine, Tim, LooseBrick, Tim, Gayle,

See more photos on this Flickr album and more photos, tagged with macmeetupsg.

Ivan Chew's blogged about his first Mac Meetup. Apparently, we're not half as geeky as he thought.

As Laurence, Kevin, Airani and myself headed for the Padang through Suntec City Mall, we stumbled upon Heritage Fest 07 preparations and dropped in for a sneak preview.

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