Saturday, April 19, 2008

We talked about anything under the sun

Mac Meetup, 19 Apr 2008

Roll call - Let's see there was Puay Ann, Ivor, Laurence, Kenneth, John (sg), Choon Chai, Kian Chai, Hanx, Yezdi, Colin, Kevin, Hamish, Julian, Jermyn, Marcus, Benson, John Larkin and Siva.

Lekowala had sworn off our early morning Changi Village ride due to the flu so I stayed until midnight when coherence was threatened and Mc's finally began turning off lights.

John Larkin said he had a good time. Despite his rigorous schedule of workshops, he fought off fatigue as well because it was an invigorating evening.




At 1:43 AM, Blogger Ivan Chew said...

Siva tells me you folks had a nice time. I was at this event... would've wanted to ask why my MBP seems to be acting up lately. The preferences for several apps were all reset; my GarageBand started giving problems. During playback in GB, some parts "stuttered" as if it had insufficient memory (which shouldn't be the case 'cos the same file played nicely before).


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