Monday, April 30, 2007

Here tonight

Geek Terminal is turning out to be very interesting venue - we've been learning and talking about this place since we came!
Here tonight: Kenneth, Coleman, Kevin, Anggara, Choon Chai, Henry, Ivan, Kevin Guo, Roy, Pei Hua, Aik Harm, Mook Sum, Laurence, Airani, Hanx, Welly, Julian, Ivor and Siva.

Also present and chatting with us: The Geek Terminal crew!

L to R: Christopher (?CEO), Danny Pang (COO), Irene Kan (Tech Manager), Martin Tan (CFO)...

Update - Kevin returned complete with his equipment for a detailed examination; see theorycast.20 :: The Geek Terminal Tour.

Update - Alvin recognises an old friend, Danny!


Sunday, April 29, 2007

MacAddicts intending to come on Mon 30 Apr 2007: 7pm @ Geek Terminal

The latest update:

Coming (12) - Julian, Laurence, Pei Huan, Jennifer, Kevin, Choon Chai, Kenneth, Hanx, Ashwin, Airani, Mook Sum, Siva.

Possibly, maybe, should be coming (7) - Hamish, Colin, Kevin Guo, MacBiff, BK, Wilfred, Paddy.

Unable (4) - VY Lee, Ivor, Van, Mossie

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Meetups revived! Mon 30 Apr 2007: 7pm @ Geek Terminal

Our anarchic, agenda-free Mac Meetup Singapore series is being revived on Monday, 30th April 2007: 7pm - 10pm, at Geek Terminal. This is a new F&B joint at 55 Market Street, opposite Golden Shoe Carpark and next to Raffles Place MRT. Click for map.

Who can come - anyone! These meetups are powered by Me@N but it has always been open to anyone who is interested in a free exchange of thoughts.

Since we didn't meetup in 2006, it's going to be really interesting. Web2.0 has exploded and OS X Leopard draws near. Many of us are equipped with gmail accounts and our Macs now bear Intel chips, an apparent heresy that was well embraced by most of us - we just want a mac that dazzles us with its abilities!

Remember when we were peering at a preview of the Black Cat? Ivor took a lovely photo then (click to see the gallery):

I met the friendly Geek Terminal staff at Nexus 2007 and its supposed to be geek-friendly place, e.g.
  • Free power supply at every table for laptops and phones,
  • Free faster high speed wireless (2Mbit) all day
  • Opens daily until 10pm.

Apparently Apple will be launching iPhone and AppleTV there in upcoming months.

It'll be symbolic to restart in April because Me@Ners first met in Marche (Hereen) in April 1999. Yup, 8 years ago!