Tuesday, December 28, 2010

End of year Mac Meetup @ HV Starbucks

It is not easy to spot newcomers when you stroll into a Starbucks for a mac meetup these days. Apple laptops are much more common. So no more secret nod and winks but a careful peek. However with the me@n meetups which limp along as quarterly meetups, well, I get to see mainly familiar faces who gather. The nine of this evening were mostly either recent regulars or decade-old veterans. Roll call:
  1. Kenneth Pinto
  2. Marcus Ng
  3. Loh Choon Chai
  4. Loh Kian Chai
  5. Ivor Khong
  6. Airani S
  7. Yezdi D.
  8. Anggra
  9. N. Sivasothi
With a brief accidental appearance by Khairil Anuar for some iWeb consultation!
Mac Meetup, 27 Dec 2010
The iPhone fever is over and it was an OSX application heavy discussion. Partly because I have been catching up with reading and have been trying out mac applications. I shared with the rest my current list of apps, listed at: macapps.sivasothi.com.

Some of the apps I've downloaded recently to try out are: Art Text 2, Caffeine, Chicken of the VNC, Chronories, Deeper, Default Folder stuff, Desktop Curtain, DevonThink stuff, Droplr, Echofon, eMaps, EtreTask, F.lux, Fiwi, flickery, Flux, Maintenance, Mendeley Desktop, MenuEverywhere , MenuPop , MoveAddict Accessibility, moveAddict, OnyX, Papaya, PDF OCR X, PhotoBook, PhotoStickies, Remember , teleport, Tembo, VelOCRaptor, and WhatSize.

If these prove useful, I'll migrate them to the apps page above with a description and link. Well, it wasn't all mac-talk, there was a considerable diversion to the Hindi blockbuster "3 Idiots" which exhorts people to follow their passion, pursue excellence and assuage fears by a meaningless but reassuring phrase!

Befitting an end of year meetup, we reminisced our meetups which go back to 1999 - see the photos and links in mac.sivasothi.com or at the sidebar on this blog.


Thursday, December 23, 2010

End-of-year Mac Meetup

Dear friends,

we're meeting on Tuesday, 28th December 2010: 7.00 pm @ Holland Village Starbucks [map].

Join us for a chit-chat about all things mac and to reflect on the past year.