Friday, July 09, 2010

Mac-Larkin meetup, 08 Jul 2010

World Cup fever may infect the masses but we still had a meetup when John came to town once again for his web2.0 classes at NTU. Well, actually, this was spontaneous. Kenneth Pinto bailed on John and Kevin with a fever. I was at Starbucks with students when John said a cheery "hello, mate!". Kevin came later and we called Airani down. We ate at Crystal Jade and had ice-cream at Swensen's. It was quite decadent.

We missed Laurence of course who used to help me plan meetups. Now that Kevin is back he is urging me to get this going regularly again. WHile this was only the second meetup in 2010, we are on track on quarterly meetups. . We have the routine figured out so with Kevin's urging, I can see it happening.

If you're interested in joining us, join the me@n list (see sidebar on right). It's a low traffic list (practically dead) but well stocked with the old crew and good friends and is where I post our meetup announcements.

Mac Larkin meetup 08 Jul 2010