Wednesday, January 18, 2012

“Eat cake and drink coffee!”

Another John Larkin-induced quarterly Mac Meetup started with dinner at the usual hangout at Blk 40 Holland Village and I took over the reins of making the orders in Alvin's absence.

Topics covered in random order during the meetup:
  • Prisms (from Siva's session at NUS Physics Demo Lab)
  • iOS5 (text expansion; instant camera; iMessage)
  • Attention span - John realised that his attention span was getting shorter lately with the urge building in him to crack jokes during class when the students are quietly working on their stuff. Is this a result of the use of smart phones and tablets with information at your fingertips and over stimulation of the brain with apps?
  • Dropbox - no one needs to carry a thumbdrive anymore but geeky us all carry storage devices in one form or the other.
  • The storage device mini showdown suggested a “Legacy meetup” as a theme for the next meetup. Bring the oldest WORKING gadget you own. Promised were
    • First thumbdrive by Trek
    • Walkman (with cassette)
    • 5 ¼ “floppy disk with portable USB drive
    • 3 ½ “ floppy disk and portable drive
    • Iomega zip disks and portable drive
    • Hole punch card thing Siva says he has
    • Apple 2 machine
    • Apple Newton (not working)
  • Inline with the legacy theme, the whole meetup would be shot with a 2mp digital camera (ya, the "vintage" Sony cybershot and it still works! I win!)

Pictures from the meetup from my camera and Kenneth's flickr:

Mini Storage Device showdown.

More photos from the Mac Meetup on 13 Jan 2012



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