Saturday, April 16, 2011

John has a couple of jugs...

Friday 15 Apr 2011: 7.00pm - it was a muggy evening and NEA had already reminded us about the prevalent inter-monsoon evening storms - it rains ALL the time, it seems. I intercepted Alvin at Block 40 Holland Drive and we secured a table out of the rain. Next Kenneth plonked down to report the MRT line was suffering yet another hiccup again.


When John Larkin appeared, he was radiant, even after battling a jam from the "ulu" west to reach our regular kopi tiam haunt. We can’t blame the beer at Block 40 for his euphoric mood John. He's just high on life, and even after complete newbies infiltrated his iPad class today.

The conversation was colourful to say the least and food sumptious. I had wisely left dinner orders to Alvin. He handled the job with his famous expertise, that John wanted to postpone his return Down Under so that he'd have time to sample the local fare he relishes and knows so well.

After evaluat
ing John's fitness to visit Holland Village, we marched over, in an infantry section formation along the pedestrian walk until Ivor appeared out of the night to report that Starbuck's Holland Village was any other Starbucks joint this time of the year - full of students.

Happily Kevin had secured a seat and fought off marauding students before reinforcements arrived. And eventually the thesis-writing Anand showed up to rant against a decadent system which was making him repeat his presentation. Since he's writing up, we dutifully ignored his rant.

I think we did talk about some mac stuff at some point. And wondered if Laurence would be back for the next meetup and what they would do with the mugs with the old Starbucks logo.

By the next session, we hope OS X Lion will be stalking prey!

Photos from the meetup.



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